The Original Swingin' Medallions

(back row left to right) *Charlie Webber-trumpet, vocals *Steve Caldwell-saxophone, vocals *Jimmy Perkins-saxophone, bass guitar, vocals *John McElrath-keyboards, vocals *Carroll Bledsoe-trumpet,vocals *Jim Doares-guitar, vocals (front row) *Brent Fortson-saxophone, flute, vocals *Joe Morris - drums, vocals


When Steve Caldwell and Brent Fortson resigned from the band in 1967, they were replaced by Hack Bartley and Johnny Cox. Grainger (Brother) Hines was added to the band in late 1967, when Michael Huey became the drummer 

Members of the Medallions before 1965: (formed in Ninety Six, South Carolina)

Larry Roark, Bobby Crowder, Dwight Styron, Ronnie Stone, Cubby Culbertson, Jimmy Roark, Johnny Hancock, Richard Hall, Carroll Bledsoe, Fred Pugh, Perrin Gleaton, Rick Godwin, Jimmy Perkins, Joe Morris, John McElrath 

Members of the Medallions between 1968 and 1984:

Richard Crocker, Eric Page, Irving Hicks, Ron Nobles, Gerald Polk, Bobby Taylor, David Eastler, Tim Goldman, Steve Eddy, Paul Perkins, Al Pearson, Jerry Sims, Howard Smith, Ray Youngblood, Jim Giles, Gary Elrod, John English, Jayne McElrath, Vanessa Cox, Johnny Cox, Marvin Kerber, Eddie Bailey, Chris Alexander, Jimmy Graham, Robert Sigman, Dale Williams, Hazen Bannister, Ronnie Goldman, Tim Sanders, Larry Freeland, Chip Jennison, Foster McKinney, Taylor Stokes, and Paul Perkins.

Members of the Medallions since 1984 that are not in the current band:

Rick Constant, Scott Cox, Monty Johnston, Kos Weaver, Sanborn Buchan, Grey Hines, Wayne Free, Alex Smith, Andrew Dudley, Jerry Polk, Josh Cambell, Ashby Stokes, Justin Gilbert, Brad Anderson, Jake Bartley, Matt Sprouse, Larry Roark, Robby Cox, and Paul Perkins. 

Medallion Past Road Crew Members: Tommy (Wildman) Langley, Herman Mitchell, Joey Goldman, Pat Hindman, Thomas Kinard, John Smith, Brad Burton, Rich Crabtree, Karl Burns, Andy Ellison, Matt Elrod, Jeff Kubu, Stuart Driver, Russell Adams, Christopher James Sample, Eric Brennan, Chris Armstrong, Ben Clark, Eric Clark, Tyler "Tito" Liegaber, Ryan Frederick, Paul Jones, John Smith Buchan, Chris Long, Dustin Livingston, Don Reese, Reco Johnson and many more than we have unintentionally left out!!