Jake Bartley (Jake Singin' the Blues)-
On stage since 2006   Jake Bartley Sings The Blues

birth date: Nov 21

birth place: Greenwood, SC

ambitions: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

turn-ons: My Wife, Sexy Under Garments

turn-offs:Trumpet Playing Cops who think they can sing higher than me!

instruments: vocals, guitar, bass, keys, alto sax

instrument brands: Guild, Fender, Gibson

other bands or performing groups: Hack Bartley and Shuffle (I'm a Shuffle) Small Town Heros (I'm a Hero) Young Guns (I'm Young)

hobbies: Music, Equestrian

favorite band: The Chili Peppers

favorite movies: Any Will Ferrel Movie

favorite tv: The OC, Myth Busters

favorite food: Veal

favorite drinks:Jack and Coke

favorite saying: Super Duper, Neato Gang

nickname: Bait