Brad Anderson

On stage 2005 - 2012



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Birthday:  3/24/1988

Place of Birth:  Greenwood, SC

Ambition:  To write and record a hit song


Turn offs:  Simon from American Idol, He's so mean!

Hobbies: I'm always looking for hobbies, right now my hobbie is watching Highlights from the Gamecock '06 Football Season email me hobby suggestions

Instruments:  Baritone Sax, Vocals, and Guitar

Instrument brands:  Yamaha, Tacoma

Other Bands:  Brad & Josh, Heavy J and the Turkey Buzzard Boyz, Brad & Friends

Other Jobs inside or outside the Medallions:  Custodial Engineer, Head Count Coordinator, Mass Marketing Genius Clerk at Hobby Lobby

Education:  BA in Mass Communications from Lander University

Favorite Bands: East Coast Party Band, Goo Goo Dolls, Sister Hazel, DMB, Bon Jovi

Favorite Movies:  The Patriot, Braveheart, We Were Soldiers, Ric Flair, "The Ultimate Collection" , Sleepless in Seattle

Favorite TV Shows: The Steve Spurrier Show, WWE Raw, Sports Center

Favorite Foods:  Mexican, Pizza, Hot Dogs, You know, I'm a Health nut!

Favorite Drink: GRIZARITTAS, Corona, Whatever Ashby's Buying!

Favorite Saying:  "That's how I roll", "Dudes and Dudettes, "HeeeeeeY", "My Madds are Gonna blow", "Balleee Dat"

Nicknames:  B-Diddy, Barry, B.A. ,BARRY? Big Bad Brad! , Skin Flap

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