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Ashby Stokes (www.ashbystokes.net)
On stage from 1999 - 2008   small product photosmall product photoAshby with his two boys, Ashby Jr. and Morgan

birth date: 4/12

birth place: Charleston, SC

ambitions: To be a good Husband/ Dad, To ride Moab or any cool Mountain Bike Trail! Maah Daah Hey, Hey Baby...one down!

Pics of Maah Daah Hey

turn-ons: The 2007 UGA/USC Game

turn-offs: Animal cruelty, No Ice in the Ice tray, Rain when it's not needed

instruments: Guitar, keys, mandolin, banjo, jaw harp, two string scrub tub

instrument brands: Tacoma, Hamer, Gibson, Line 6, Fender, Rivera, Dan Electro, Yamaha

other bands or performing groups: The Ashby Stokes Trio, Falcon, No Early Closure, Montana Screams, The Shannon Breeze

work outside or inside the Medallions: Natoinal television and radio music, Teaching, Session Work, Pro Tools Engineer (The Music Zoo)

education: Graduate, University of South Carolina '88

hobbies: Mountain Biking, snow skiing, tennis, golf, woodworking, Magic

favorite musicians or bands: Eric Johnson, Mike Stern, Steve Morse, Pat Metheny, Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Alex Lifeson, Joe Pass, Danny Gatton, Jerry Sims

favorite movies: Jaws, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Old School, Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes

favorite TV show: The Weather Channel, No Reality Shows, No American Idol

favorite foods: The Spinach Dip at Houstons, Grizzes Pork Chops

favorite drinks: Shiner Boch, Guiness, New Castle, Coffee, Water

favorite saying: "Ahhch"

favorite book: The Real Book (legal ofcourse), Zinn And The Art Of Mountain Bike Maintainence, Cats Cradle, On Writing

nickname: Pappy